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Three Palm Software understands the data-intensive challenges that radiologists are facing when moving to digital mammography, and the need to review digital mammograms as efficiently as they can read films on motorized light boxes. This mammography workstation’s elegant and simple interface is designed to meet the most demanding radiologists’ needs.

  • “Single-click” workflow* to streamline mammogram reading from opening a study to generating a report.

  • Customized mammographic-specific reading and hanging protocol sequences (including multiple prior support).

  • Incorporates expert viewing methodology including Tabár’s systematic viewing mask techniques* for searching for subtle radiographic abnormalities.

  • 8 or more current and prior images are displayed immediately when the next study is opened, with multiple priors accessible by single click.

  • An unlimited number of “current” images (2D and 3D) can be stepped through as part of the workflow (e.g., to handle extra views and duplicates), or the user can configure to only see the primary views, with others available with a “page-flip” click.

  • Current images are high-lighted in all hanging protocols to minimize the risk of misdiagnosis from priors.

  • -Follows industry standards, compatible with IHE Mammo guidelines.

  • -Images and related information (such as mammography CAD structured reports and markup defined in GSPS objects) can be pushed to the workstation, or can be retrieved from PACS.

  • -Two levels of pre-fetch – optimistic storage to local disk based on an expected worklist, plus caching to memory during the reading cycle using the interpretation work-list.

  • -Even with no user logged in, the system automatically pre-fetches studies.

  • -Multi-reader (local and/or remote) support with automatic and manual arbitration.

  • -Plug-in mechanism integrates the display of reports from an external RIS, and supports the trigger of an external dictation system with the identity of the study being read.

  • -Peer-to-peer worklist synchronization without the need for a server (reading states on multiple workstations can be automatically synchronized).

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