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>MV-Flow, Prof. Sidhu
Background and Clinical Applications

>CEUS, Prof. Sidhu

Improving patient pathways

>MV-Flow Prof. Bartolotta

MV-Flow of focal Breast Lesions: Experience at the Radiology Department of the University of Palermo

>S-Detect Prof. Bartolotta

Characterisation of Focal Breast Lesions According to the US BI-RADS Lexicon

>Principles and Methods in Breast Ultrasound

Dr. Shahrooz Mohammadi, Consultant Radiologist at St George’s Hospital (UK)

>Principles and Methods in Breast Ultrasound

Dr. Sarah McWilliams, Consultant Radiologist at St George’s Hospital (UK)

>Advanced Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Prof. Michel De Maeseneer (UZ Brussel, Belgium)

>Advanced Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Prof. Luca Maria Sconfienza (University of Milan, Italy) 

>Advances in Ultrasound Liver Imaging: Fat Quantification and MV-Flow

Professor Paul Sidhu Professor of Imaging Sciences at King's College, London and Consultant Radiologist,

King's College Hospital

>The use of Ultrasound in Multiple pregnancies from a Sonographer’s perspective

Dr Surabhi Nanda, Fetal Medicine Lead Consultant, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London


The Importance of Customisable Support in Head & Neck Cancer Radiotherapy


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