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Digital Angiography System

Shimadzu Trinias

Shimazdu redesigned the workflow of Trinias angiography systems to offer improved solutions for the challenges currently facing medical treatment centres and to address the challenges they will face in the future.

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Low Dose & Clear Images

AI based image processing achieves the Visibility of fluoroscopy images needed to perform procedures while reducing dose levels.

Fewer Errors for Shorter Procedure Times

Better imaging solutions provide improved real time guidance, contributing to error prevention on minimally invasive procedures.

User aids to Reduce Dose Level Even Further

The specifications and design encourage awareness of dose reduction, thus lowering exposure levels to medical workers and patients.

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Perform Operations with a Single Action

Complex operations can be combined into a single-step function. It enables intuitive and smooth operations.

Freely Customisable to meet users needs

Simple operation and customisable help users achieve their optimal workflow

Comfortable operations for both team operation and single user operation

This design feature provides an operating environment suitable for any team environment and helps improve work efficiency.

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Periodic updates keep the system up-to-date

Periodic updates to the software package ensure the latest functionality is always available.

After sales services ensures systems will provide long life cycles

System design provides powerful support to reduce downtime, reduce installation and maintenance time and to ensure a continuously reliable operation.

Eco-design for future expandability

The highly expandable platform design makes it easy to accommodate changes in clinical practices.

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