revolutionises reporting.

Radiology is a high-tech specialty. Scanners are getting faster and faster while generating more and more data. What has hardly changed is reporting – the core activity of the radiologist. RadioReport® was developed to give people in the system room to manoeuvre and new opportunities for development.

We have mapped the thought processes of experienced radiologists into RadioReport®. The software guides you like a virtual interview to the final report – starting with / focused on anatomy instead of pathology. Instead of hundreds of templates, RadioReport® covers the entire range of MRI/CT indications with only 23 modules. The end result is a standardized report with machine-readable content ready for future AI applications.

From image to report in under 80 seconds!

With RadioReport®, you can achieve an enormous increase in efficiency.

With RadioReport® you achieve unprecedented efficiency. Complex records are generated with just a few mouse clicks. This gives you more time for image analysis, your patients or other operational activities.
With RadioReport® you receive a high-quality, standardised and comprehensible report that contains all the information pertinent to the referring physician. And this applies to every radiologist or healthcare professional who uses RadioReport®.
Since RadioReport® is multilingual, it can be used by an international network, allowing radiologists to offer their expertise and services worldwide.

From image to report in just a few steps

Exemplified by the “Knee MRI” module


RadioReport® improves the reporting quality and ensures a complete report of the findings. Mandatory fields help to avoid omissions and in-built plausibility checks prevent contradictions. This avoids inconsistencies between the findings and report.


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