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The Future
   of Reporting

The radiology report is the essential record of the service provided by the

radiology team. RadioReport® is the state-of-the-art radiology reporting software that maximizes the value of these reports by assisting radiographers and radiologists in the creation of reports that are clear, concise and readable to both human and machine (AI).

Now available in the UK exclusively through MIS.


Bring radiology reporting

into the digital age

  • Simplify collaboration across radiology networks.

  • Straightforward integration into your RIS/PACS environment

  • Data generated by RadioReport® is accessible for future use.


Simplify your radiology reporting processes

  • 23 Anatomy-focused modules

  • Intuitive and interactive reporting interface

  • Quick and efficient documentation of findings

  • Report generated with the click of the mouse

Standardise report structure

and nomenclature

  • Standard terminology eliminates ambiguity

  • Homogenous structure increases comparability of reports

  • The use of standard units, classifications and terms (I.e., RadLex
    enables reusability of report data


Create and archive machine-readable data

  • RadioReport® creates structured machine-readable data, not
    just a digital report file

  • Ease of editing reports at second reading

  • Datafication of the report content

  • Machine readable data lays the foundation for future AI development

Ensure omission-free, high-quality reports

  • Report quality is determined by the clarity and completeness of the facts therein

  • Integrated plausibility checks monitor all user inputs ensuring that relevant follow-up menus are provided

  • Mandatory fields ensure that no relevant sections are omitted from a report

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