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The World's First Whole-body UHF MRI

uMR® Jupiter 5.0T

The uMR® Jupiter 5.0T represents a real breakthrough in the evolution of MRI, in which the brand-new 5.0T superconducting magnet as well as RF system is designed using state-of-the-arttechnology and custom sequences are developed to achieve entirely new levels of innovation. It will allow you explore new frontiers in ultra-high field (UHF) MRI by enabling exclusive whole-body 5.0T clinical and research applications. A new species of whole-body MRI says hello to the world. 

Revolution Made Real

Unprecedented Ultra-definition Imaging

Revolution Made Seamless

All-in-one Solution for Clinical and Translational Research 

Revolution Made Accessible

Raise the Field Strength without Raising the Fringe Field

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uAIFI Inside

Empowered by the uAIFI Technology Platform, the potential for uMR® Jupiter 5.0T is even more anticipated with significant performance enhancements, more powerful imaging capabilities, better workflow, and improved user experience


Unique 8ch Volume Transmit Coil

The 8-channel independently controlled RF transmission architecture allows for dynamic real-timeB1 field calibration for different patients, including the amplitude, phase, and waveform of the RF pulse. It effectively solves the problem of UHF B1 inhomogeneity to achieve uniform excitation of the human body, bringing whole-body UHF MR imaging into a clinical setting for the first time.


Unique 8ch Volume World's First Whole-body UHF MR Imaging Coil

In the field of UHF MRI, there has been a great deal of attention paid to achieve perfect compatibility between clinical diagnosis and research exploration. To make a difference, the uMR®Jupiter 5.0T addresses the three major challenges facing UHF MRI: RF B1 field inhomogeneity, RF safety, and high siting requirement. It will lead to a new era in UHF imaging that will facilitate precise diagnosis and mechanism studies of whole-body diseases, including those of the heart, abdomen, pelvis, and many others.


Ultra-high Performance Gradients


3.5 MW Peak Power

Whole-body UHF MRI gradient performance is now improved to an entirely new level thanks to our state-of-the-art gradient power amplifier which was developed in-house by United Imaging.

5T tidu.gif

120 mT/m & 200 T/m/s

Significantly increase power of diffusion-weighted imaging and functional MRI with outstanding accuracy and stability for the brain research.

DTI new 1.png

High-resolution DTI

5.0T high-resolution DTI clearly shows U-fibers that are not visible on conventional 3.0T.

Bold new.png

Accurate BOLD

5.0T high-resolution BOLD more accurately shows the distribution of activated areas on the deep cortex.

Groundbreaking 5.0T Magnet Technology


Remarkable Homogeneity

Facilitate whole-body clinical and research applications.
0.015 ppm @20 DSV Homogeneity (Guaranteed).
1.3 ppm @50 DSV Homogeneity (Guaranteed).

5T tidu.gif

Low Siting Requirement

The system installation requirements are comparable to those of a conventional 3.0T MRI thanks to its innovative magnet architecture with optimized active shielding design, which makes UHF MRI deployment easier than ever.

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