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160-slice CT

uCT 780

With the persistent pursuit of precision and efficiency for imaging and diagnosis, uCT 780 is equipped with the fully integrated Detector to allow low dose data acquisition with fine details. The fast rotation speed of the system improves the cardiac scan quality.

Focus Data

Precision in data generation, data acquisition and image reconstruction

Focus Scan

Improved image quality for challenging patients with cardiac excellence

Focus Dose

Imaging different body sizes and parts with tailored and precise dose distribution

uCT 780 value.jpg

Innovative Z-Detector


Fine Sampling

The refined voxel size realizes the exquisite visualization of anatomical details.

Scintillating Detector Material

Gadolinium oxysulfide scintillator (GOS) provides a fast and high conversion efficiency of X-rays.

Ultra-low Noise Design

Z-Detector based on the high performance through-silicon via (TSV) technique significantly reduces noise to provide high quality images at low dose.


Coordinated Control System Architechure

Rapid Transfer of Large Datasets

Supports the 360 million voxel data acquisition and reconstruction speed up to 60  IPS

Real-time System Condition Monitor

High system reliability with enhanced serviceability

System Hardware Synchronization Control on a Microsecond Basis

Supports precise radiation dose control and 0.3s high speed gantry rotation


Excellence in Cardiac Imaging


Intelligent and adaptive phase selection

100kW Max Generator Power

Clearly visualize challenging patient anatomy

0.3s Rotation Speed

Improves the temporal resolution for cardiac imaging

Adaptive And Intuitive Applications

Single-click post-processing to make image interpretation simpler

Precision in Dose control

KARL 3Ddiedaijiangzaosuanfa.png
KARL 3Ddiedaijiangzaosuanfa.png

70kV Scan Mode

70kV scan mode can increase signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to be especially beneficial for pediatric patients, contrast imaging and CT Venography (CTV) imaging.

KARL 3D Iterative Denoising

The state-of-the-art algorithm is performed in both the projection and image spaces to provide low dose, high quality images.

Auto ALARA kVp

uDose generates an optimized 3D dose distribution plan for every individual scan according to anatomical information.

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