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40-slice CT

uCT 530

Integrated with cutting-edge technologies, uCT 530 greatly enhances routine clinical performance of CT with advances made in both image quality and workflow efficiency.

Powerful Imaging Chain

Assist precise clinical diagnosis

Exquisite Images

High resolution images with low dose 

Efficient Workflow

Boost daily patient throughput capability 

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Innovative Z-Detector


High Quality Material

Gadolinium oxysulfide scintillator (GOS) provides a fast and high conversion efficiency of X-rays.

Ultra-low Noise Design

The Z-Detector with highly integrated technology, significantly reduces noise to provide low dose, high quality images.

Fine Sampling

The refined voxel size realizes the exquisite visualization of anatomical details.


Powerful Imaging Chain


5.3MHU heat-capacity tube enables high patient throughput.


5.3MHU power generator enables uniterrupted power.

40 Row Z-Detector

With 22mm Z-axis coverage and 0.55mm slice thickness, the uCT 530 offers extraordinary spatial resolution and low contrast detectability.

70kV Scan Mode

The 70kV scan mode can increase signal-to-noise (SNR) which can be especially beneficial for pediatric patients, contrast imaging and CT Venography (CTV) imaging.

Exquisite Images

KARL 3D Iterative Denoising

The state-of-the-art algorithm is performed in both the projection and image spaces to provide low dose, high quality images.


Efficient Workflow

Easy-Logic Intelligent Prediction Platform

The system predicts the next user operation and automatically arranges for scanning.

Advanced Applications

Advanced post-processing applications improve diagnostic confidence.

Green Mode

uECO mode saves 30% of power consumption compared to conventional standby modes.

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