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The Ultimate MBSS Recording Solution

TIMS MVP™ is the fourth generation of our industry leading MBSS recording solution. With over 4000 installations worldwide, the TIMS System has become the gold standard for both clinical and research settings.

TIMS MVP records studies at the maximum resolution of your fluoroscope, with speeds up to 30 frames per second and synchronized audio. Completed studies are easily archived to your PACS or VNA. The streamlined workflow quickly frees up a busy procedure room and provides clinicians the tools they need to accurately diagnose studies for best patient outcomes.

TIMS MVP for MBSS in Action


Watch TIMS MVP in action as it goes from Worklist to recording to labeling and editing and then to PACS.

TIMS MVP at a Glance

Long & Short Form Recording | Instant Open & Auto-Save | Seamless Navigation in Single Window

| Non-Destructive Editing

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