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Live, Remote Medical Video & Audio Collaboration

TIMS Consultant is an Interactive Video Broadcast Network for hospitals. It provides high resolution, live video streams from any medical modality across the hospital network, or anywhere remotely, and at ultra-low latency. Multi-party interactivity and collaboration is provided through integrated audio conferencing and live telestrations.

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Product Info

TIMS Consultant is a distributed system of in-room TIMS Streamers, Media Servers, a Web Server and HTML5 compliant thin clients. The TIMS Streamers capture any medical modality video using our proprietary hardware video compression engine and purpose built software. This produces pristine high resolution video at the lowest possible bit rates and ultra-low latency.


The Media Servers employ a highly optimized video proxy server and audio conferencing hub. The Web Server hosts the secure HTML5 client site for standard web browsers, manages access and interactive communication.

The result is a system that allows geographically disperse patient care teams to collaborate via multi-party audio, chat, and live telestrations allowing expert specialists to direct procedures remotely.

Additionally, the TIMS Consultant provides an effective and efficient means of teaching and training remote students.




  • 1080p video with stunning quality @6Mbps

  • Any medical video format including non-standard video at native resolution

  • Ultra-low latency (under ¾ of a second delay from live)

  • Audio conferencing

  • Interactive telestrations with auto fadeout

  • LivePoint™ for simple interactive emphasis

  • Smooth curve freehand & instant telestration display

  • Controls for zooming, scrubbing & pausing the video

  • Clients are HTML5 compliant browser apps

  • SSL encrypted, secure, patented

  • HDMI, DVI, Analog, S-Video & non-standard sources

  • Flexible access control with user-based cooperative controls or centralized rigid access control (“Open Room” or “Closed Room”)

  • Manager mode for quick centralized management

  • Live Channel Guide

  • Plug & play setup and configuration

  • Active Directory integration & control

  • One time remote user invitations

  • Support for multiple Media Servers

  • Android mobile phone & tablet remote Clients

View the TIMS Consultant Preview

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