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Endoscopy Recording Solution


TIMS MVP™ is the ideal solution for recording any endoscopic procedure. It can connect to virtually any endoscope and has the ability to capture either still-frames, or motion video up to 30fps with synchronized audio. TIMS MVP can accommodate a wide variety of workflows, with support for Modality Worklists, DICOM SEND to PACS or VNA, archiving to a shared network location, or saving studies to any type of locally accessible media.


TIMS MVP’s direct-to-disk capture provides essentially unlimited recording time for lengthy procedures, or recording can be started and stopped using a remote trigger. Studies can be quickly analyzed with the powerful TIMS MVP toolset, or they can be sent to a hospital desktop computer and interpreted using TIMS Review, which is included with the system. Both support the ability to annotate directly on imagery, and label individual series before archiving.

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