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Dedicated X-ray specimen cabinet designed for surgical and biopsy suites

Excellent image quality

The latest Photon Counting technology produces images with high levels of detail and contrast.

Improve efficiency

Fast and accurate imaging at the point of care means less time in the clinical or OR environment and reduced discomfort and /or anaesthesia for the patient.

Improve outcomes

By confirming the presence of macrocalcifications in samples, we ensure that the Pathologist is reviewing the right samples which leads to more accurate results and faster turnaround for patients.

Peace of mind

Features such as safety interlocks, self-test on start-up and confirmation that images have been saved, give users added peace of mind. An integrated queue system ensures that images are not lost in the event of network failure.

Simple Workflows

SOLAS OR workflow supports standalone operation as well as a fully integrated configuration with RIS worklists and PACS. Patient details can be loaded directly from a DICOM modality worklist with images sent automatically to PACS for storage or review.

Large field of view

The 15x12cm field of view is designed to meet the needs clinicians / surgical teams.

Solas OR Software Features
The latest Photon Counting technology produces images with high levels of detail and contrast

Solas OR Workflow Image.PNG

Solas OR Software Features

Solas incorporates Cirdan’s latest photon counting and tilt technology to produce images with high levels of detail and contrast, giving the surgeon high quality images at the point of care meaning less time in the OR environment for the patient.

  • High quality specimen images.

  • High contrast images providing excellent definition and clear views of micro calcifications and lesions.

  • Optical and digital magnification.

  • High resolution 10lp/mm.

  • Effective pixel 50um.

  • Mark annotations (rectangular and elliptical).


Key Advantages

  • Reduced delays and time saved as specimens are imaged and verified in seconds at the point of care.

  • Single compact unit which can be configured for table top or trolley use. Touchscreen or mouse driven interface.

  • DICOM compliant imaging software ensures traceability of images to patient and the record of care.

  • Accurate data leads to a reduction in recall rate due to missed or inaccurate sampling.

  • Shorter turnaround times mean more patients can be processed in the time available.

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