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Smart C

The flexibility to perform in surgery, clinics or the field.   The Smart-C has it all.
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Benefits of the Smart-C in your Diagnostic Imaging Center

In today’s busy Clinics and Imaging Centers triaging patients and delivering true point of care assessment is key. Bring radiology directly to the patient. The Smart-C is fully battery operated, weighing only 16 lbs it allows for true portability in your facility.


Features of the Smart-C:

  • All parts of the Smart-C are battery operated making it a completely cordless system

  • 6” x 6” imaging area with superfine 100 μm pixel resolution

  • Use the Smart-C as an independent tabletop device or on a support stand to meet your needs

  • Easy transport from room to room as the Smart-C weighs only 16 lbs.

  • Adult and Pediatric use

  • Point of care – triage the patient immediately

  • Perform simple image guided procedures

  • Fluoroscopy for pain and joint injections

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