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Whittington adds two Samsung Ultrasound equipment to their existing fleet

Whittington Hospital, part of Whittington Health NHS Trust in London, have selected two Samsung machines as its obstetrics and gynecology diagnostic ultrasound equipment, supplied by MIS Healthcare. Although the system’s primary use is for Obstetric scanning, the team also utilise the HERA W10 for applications including general abdominal, MSK, paediatric hip scanning and gynae, including 3D transvaginal scanning.

Managed and procured by Althea, Whittington Hospital chose two Samsung W10’s adding to their existing collection of three RS85s, two HS40s and one HS50. “Samsung definitely do more than phones” Lead Sonographer, Melissa Di Rubbo added. The exquisite image quality and expert tools will allow professionals at Whittington Hospital to make more confident decisions.

As with all Samsung Technology products, the team have found the HERA W10’s customisable user-interface to be extremely easy to use and having the ability to mimic the interface layout of existing systems within the department has helped increase familiarity and efficiency when switching between different rooms. The team at Whittington also commented on the great on going support from MIS.


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