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The UK's first Apollo DRF opens at Velindre Hospital, Cardiff

In May, we saw the opening of the first Apollo DRF Open system in the UK at Velindre Hospital, Cardiff!

Villa’s Apollo DRF remote controlled table has been equipped with a number of innovative features that significantly improve its performance, making it extremely versatile for use both in Fluoroscopy and General Radiography to maximise the clinical use of your Radiology departmental rooms.

✅The ergonomic open table top design make manual handing tasks easier, increasing the efficiency of routine daily use

✅The focus-detector distance, which can be extended up to 180cm, makes it possible to examine the chest directly on the remote controlled table.

The option of an additional ceiling mounted X-ray tube again enhances the flexibility and utilitises the space available

A warm thank you to the entire team and Mark O’Brien (Wales Country Manager) with this project.


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