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MIS and Samsung Partner With De Montfort University

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

MIS and Samsung Partner With De Montfort University to deliver high quality clinical training facility in the midlandsWhen DMU made the decision to develop and run a new Diagnostic Radiography BSc(Hons) programme they needed an X-ray system to deliver both manual operation and state-of-the-art automation

The Clinical and Estates teams worked closely together to ensure that they chose the most appropriate equipment to meet the needs of the students and that offered best value for the University.

MIS managed the complete transformation of an existing laboratory and lecture room to a brand-new X-ray room & fully digital teaching area. MIS have installed Samsung’s GC85 X-ray suite and trained the programme staff in anticipation of the arrival of the first student cohort.

This world beating system provides a fully automated room, to enable clinical training on the very latest DR technology, with the ability for the unit to be used in the same way as the traditional equipment that students will be exposed to on some of their clinical placements.

Chris Alvey, Programme Lead said “I think we have one of the best clinical training facilities in the UK. Our students will benefit from the latest equipment whilst being able to learn how to operate the full range of older equipment"

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