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Technical usefulness of CrystalVue™ and MV-Flow about abnormally invasive placenta

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

CrystalVue™ is an advanced 3D volume rendering technology that enables users to assess detailed information of internal and external structures of the fetus or uterus.

Samsung is dedicated to developing innovative tools to help you make decisions more confidently. Prof Christoph Lees at Imperial College London, U.K. uses CrystalVue™ to provide new perspectives of familiar anatomical views to provide him with the details he needs to accurately assess he patients.

Within this video he explains how to use CrystalVue™ in cases of abnormally invasive placenta. Prof. Christoph Lees also highlights the benefits of using MV-Flow™ and Lumiflow™ which allows users to visualise very low-velocity flow in very small vessels which cannot traditionally be seen using conventional Color Doppler.


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