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Sheffield Children’s Hospital open two brand new Samsung AccE Gc85 Rooms to their Paediatric Department

Sheffield Children's Hospital has recently enhanced its diagnostic capabilities with the installation of two state-of-the-art Samsung AccE GC85 rooms. These advanced imaging suites are designed to provide precise and efficient diagnostic imaging services tailored specifically for paediatric patients.


One notable feature of these rooms is the inclusion of the glass-free detector, which has garnered positive feedback from users for its lightweight design and ease of use. This innovative detector not only ensures patient comfort but also enhances the overall efficiency of the imaging process.


The Samsung AccE GC85 rooms boast a range of specialised features catering to paediatric imaging needs. With paediatric weight-based protocols and paediatric post-processing capabilities, these rooms are optimised to deliver high-quality imaging while minimising radiation exposure for young patients. Additionally, the automatic copper filtration system and single-blade collimation further enhance image quality and diagnostic accuracy.


By investing in these advanced imaging facilities, Sheffield Children's Hospital reaffirms its commitment to providing the highest standard of care for its young patients. The Samsung AccE GC85 rooms not only enable faster and more accurate diagnoses but also contribute to a more comfortable and reassuring experience for children .


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