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Royal United Hospital Bath replace one of their existing Ultrasound systems to Samsung

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

When the ultrasound team at the RUH identified an urgent need to replace one of their existing Ultrasound systems they asked NHS Supply chain to help them manage an expedited procurement of a new unit.

With RUH users already having positive experiences of MIS Healthcare and Samsung Ultrasound, with two existing Samsung radiology systems in their Breast Department. The team chose the new HERA W10, Samsung’s latest offering in the world of Obstetrics and Women’s Health, after a successful trial period.

The team noted the fantastic image quality and advanced features offered by the system as key differentiating points. Functions such as ShadowHDR which provides a shadow suppressed image, especially applicable to highly attenuated regions such as fetal head and spine help the team assess anatomy quickly and with increased confidence.

“We were delighted that the Samsung could be delivered as a matter of urgency without the need to close a room. The image quality is excellent, the system ergonomic and user friendly. The support we have had has been second to none and gratifying to see the team willingly opt to use the room,” Ultrasound Team Lead Pam Norbury.


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