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Ipswich Hospital Starts New Service for Prostate Cancer Patients

Pictured from left to right: Suzanne Isherwood (Radiotherapy), Alex Knights (Radiotherapy), Michelle Byard (Mermaid Medical Ltd), Katie Mowle (Urology) and Alex Britton (MIS Healthcare Ltd).

The Urology Investigations and Radiotherapy teams have worked together to set up a new service to help patients with prostate cancer who would benefit from Barrigel, a hyaluronic acid based gel spacer that may help to reduce the potential of gastro-intestinal (GI) side effects when having a course of radiotherapy.


Through funding secured from Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity, the Radiotherapy team were able to purchase the necessary equipment (pictured) to facilitate this service.


Suzanne Isherwood, Head of Radiotherapy, said "We have always enjoyed working with the urology team and this new service is the product of our ongoing collaboration to improve our patient experiences and outcomes".


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