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Gloucester Breast Screening complete evaluation of the Giotto Class Mammography system

The MIS Healthcare’s premium 3 in 1 Mammography system, the IMS Giotto Class, was installed and developed at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Gloucestershire Breast Screening service over the last 12 months with the full dedicated support of the Trust’s Clinical Breast Radiology Team.

The IMS Giotto Class, designed with leading-edge technologies that guarantee superior clinical results while using low dose, was installed last year. The innovative symptomatic mammography system incorporates 2D and class leading 3D tomosynthesis (DBT) guided biopsy features, both in prone and upright positions.

The Cheltenham-based service chose the Giotto Class system after having a positive experience with the IMS mammography products and MIS Healthcare as Superintendent Radiographer Debbie Barnes explains: “MIS Healthcare were very pro-active and reactive throughout the whole process and the support we have received from Mark, Steph and Steve Bleakley (the head of mammography engineer) has been invaluable.”

Consultant Radiologist Dr. Eleanor Cornford, added: “The image resolution enables DBT targeting of subtle mammographic abnormalities and the lateral arm approach facilitates biopsy of technically challenging lesion locations.”


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