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Exeter Upgrade to Samsung DR Mobiles

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Needing to replace their aging mobile X-ray equipment Exeter evaluated the available machines across the market. After eliminating other manufacturers they made the decision to upgrade their fleet with the compact and powerful GM85 from Samsung.

These 3 new ultra-compact and ultra-light units are so easy to drive and charge fully in around 2 hours. They utilise Samsung’s innovative DR detectors which feature industry leading 80% DQE allowing extremely high-quality imaging at a particularly low dose.

With features such as S-align and SimGrid as standard the GM85s offer state of the art imaging performance within an easy to drive and user-friendly package. The straightforward, simple to use, software on the units ensures effective and efficient workflow and wireless image capture and PACS connectivity. Toni Hall, Radiology Services Manager, says: “We are delighted to upgrade our fleet of mobile x-ray systems with the 3 Samsung GM85s. They have made a big impact on our delivery of bedside radiography particularly for our neonatal and intensive care patients.”


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