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East Surrey Hospital Choose The Samsung HS60 To Help Tackle Covid-19

In need of a high-end multi-use portable ultrasound machine to help with scanning in-patients on the wards, East Surrey Hospital (Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust) decided to purchase the Samsung HS60. This machine is being used to perform a wide range of ultrasound applications portably including abdominal, vascular, and obstetric scanning. With the demand for portable ultrasound scans highly increasing due to Covid-19, the department wished to invest in a system that will be able to perform remarkably as both a portable ultrasound system and one which can then be used to replace an existing interventional radiology system. The Sonographers and radiologists have been impressed with the machine’s image quality and user friendliness whilst also being totally wireless.

Alexandra Turpin (Non-Obstetric and Vascular Ultrasound Lead) stated,

“The team at SASH love using the Samsung HS60! The machine arrived at a very crucial time for the Trust amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and has been a real-life saver. The clinical team have been blown away by the image quality; it is a brilliant standard for any ultrasound machine, let alone a portable unit, resultantly this has improved our work flow and we can now meet the increasing inpatient demand with confidence. Having a reliable portable unit has reduced our need to repeat scans or rely on alternative imaging to clarify potential concerns that we would otherwise not be able to determine on a portable unit with inferior resolution. This is highly beneficial to patients in our care. Our dealings with the MIS Healthcare sales team were seamless and they had answers to our queries seemingly at all hours, which facilitated this crucial deal to happen quickly. The support from the apps team has been the best I have encountered. They have made themselves very flexible to our requirements and have optimised the machine to our needs whilst adapting to the current social distancing measures. They are a pleasure to work with and if this experience is anything to go by the Trust looks forward to developing our relationship with MIS Healthcare in the future”.

The HS60 incorporates Samung’s ‘Beyond Experience’ integrated solution. Which is engineered to offer medical professionals a new and outstanding experience in diagnosis, delivering enriched views, advanced intelligence and a streamlined workflow. All of this combines to enable patient-centred care.


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