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NovaMG PRO delivers the most advanced diagnostic breast imaging.

Automation for Speed and Accuracy

NovaMG Pro is a modality workstation that delivers speed and accuracy.

  • Automated checkout

  • Automated review

  • Automated QA

  • Automated cropping

  • Automated magnification

Pre-processing, pre-retrieval and pre-routing of images with comparison images also facilitates rapid loading and reading.

Multi-Modailty workstation for Maximum Efficiency

The NovaMG PRO workstation, with its integrated mammography viewer, enables you to ergonomically read a wide variety of breast imaging studies as well as studies from all other modalities - all in one place. No need to purchase 3rd party physical locations to read and compare images.

Streamline with Easily Customised Workflows

NovaMG PRO allows you to easily streamline and customise your workflows with "drag and drop" functionality. It includes a wide range of standard and custom hanging protocols, providing immediate, intuitive access to other relevant mammography studies. It includes a built-in single-click workflow as well as a fully-integrated dictation/voice recognition eliminates the need for transcription.

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Read Tomosynthesis with Unmatched Speed

Using Digital Breast Tomosynthesis in addition to mammography has clinical benefits, but can significantly prolong the overall reading time due to the additional images and increased data volume. NovaMG PRO prepossesses huge datasets for optimal display before they are received, so reading

Optional Tracking and MQSA Reporting

Partnering with PenRad, NovaMG PRO offers the option to ass Pentrac, a program designed to improve efficiency and standard-isation in mammography, patient tracking and MQSA reporting. The program enhances patient care workflow by automating management of patient recalls and reminders, letter generation, statistics and MQSA reports, saving time and money.

Easily Work and Collaborate Remotely

Having the ability to work remotely is key to ensuring a safe work environment as well as maintaining a healthy work-life balance. unlike other solutions, NovaMG PRO is accessible over the web and is seamlessly integrated with NovaPACS, enabling you to read and collaborate with other physicians - anytime, from any location. The doctor's preferences are maintained between workstations so it feels familiar each time they login to read.

Seamless Integration for Ease of Use

The seamless integration with NovaPACS means there's no additional admin training needed. User experience consistent mouse and keyboard settings for all radiology types and use the same dictation profile, method and microphone.

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