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Nova3D+ is the cutting-edge solution for integrated advanced imaging and analysis, all at your fingertips
Advanced processing for fast analysis, elegant images, and powerful tools all integrated into a single image-viewing platform

Nova3D+ is fully integrated and advanced imaging and analysis platform. Radiologists can seamlessly analyse studies using advanced techniques without leaving their workstation. Functions such as rendering full resolution images in real time, MPR and MIP on the fly, advanced tissue segmentation and motion reduction are natively integrated in the PACS.

Nova3D+ capitalises on GPU technology to render images and perform analysis up to 1,000 times faster systems running analysis on a CPU allowing users to rapidly read analyse patient studies.

Vessel fat and tissue segmentation

Nova3D+ draws on 20 years of research to analyse images for the presence of visceral fat surrounding major organs. This comparison to normative data allows physicians to assess a patient's risk of developing hypertension or diabetes.

Time Domain Imaging (TDI)
Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 13.52.12.png

TDI is a form of imaging that measures the rate of enhancement instead of the magnitude of enhancement. TDI measures this enhancement and then colour-codes the dynamic rate of enhancement pixel-by-pixel revealing areas with abnormal rate of enhancement. Examples include perfusion imaging, evaluating neovasularity of tumors, areas of ischemia and others.

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Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 14.05.22.png
Functional MRI

Nova3D+ brings Functional MRI fMRI) out of the lab and into the clinic by giving radiologists the power to run fMRI studies with a single mouse click that initiates a series of advanced processes that produce clinical results in less than five minutes.

  • Cvetko-Gibby Brain Atlas uses normative data to display a well-defined, high definition traditional anatomical structure of the brain

  • Full integration with the Montreal Neurological Institute's 152 patient database

  • Brain Atlases based on normative functional results - segmenting the brain based on normal brain activity

  • DICOM-based-software - no need to convert from NIFTI

  • Smooth, anatomically accurate images

  • Side-by-side comparison with normative controls

Virtual Colonscopy

Patent-pending panoramic view eliminates blind spots, allowing for unprecedented visualisation of polyps. This will revolutionise the field of virtual colonoscopy by making the treatment and diagnosis more accessible and less invasive than ever before.

  • More accurately mark and measure polyps or questionable areas with advanced lighting and shading techniques

  • Automatic Flight Path Mapping - virtually fly through the entire colon

  • Dictate directly within the 3D images full NovPACS integration

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