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NCOMPASS Enterprise Imaging

  • Achieve care excellence with an integrated patient record.
    Physicians need fast and easy access to patient information. Ncompass Enterprise Imaging presents a more complete view of a patient, presenting images and reports from any department in the hospital in a storyboard format. Ncompass enables physicians to assess changes over time , collaborate with colleagues, better engage their patients and more. With Ncompass, physicians can provide faster, more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans that result in better outcomes.

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  • Reduce inefficiencies and costs by centralising imaging.
    With Ncompass Enterprise Imaging, storage for every department can be centralised and simplified, reducing unnecessary hardware costs. Automation eliminates manual tasks such as printing and scanning images into the EMR. And most importantly, images become easily and quickly accessible to physicians, nurses, and other clinicians when they need them.

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  • Manage risk, ensure compliance
    Medical images captured on mobile devices may not be HIPAA compliant and are often stored in ways that make them inaccessible to the EMR. With Ncompass Enterprise Imaging, images are easily and securely captured, stored and retrieved from a central repository, without the risk of  leaving personal health information (PHI) behind on devices.

  • Maximise revenue
    Ncompass Enterprise Imaging supports a more team-oriented approach to responsibly sharing patient data, reducing duplication of services and enabling evidence-based, properly coded and documented patient information to receive maximum compensation.

  • Balances access and security
    Mobile devices are transforming healthcare. Ncompass Enterprise Imaging leverages Novarad's secure mobile computing products - web-based and mobile viewing capabilities, image sharing, text alerts, eForms and more - to provide instant communication's and information sharing, enabling healthcare providers to be highly productive regardless of their location.

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Novarad's Enterprise Imaging Solution

Ncompass, Novarad's enterprse imaging solution, can be customised to meet your organisation's unique needs. To build the foundation of your enterprise system, start with the core components, focusing on radiology, cardiology and orthopaedics. Then, as your needs require and resources allow, include additional departments like Wound Care, Pathology, Emergency, Nursing, Dermatology, Gastrointestinal, Ophthalmology and Pulmonology. The core components of Ncompass include:

  • Universal Archive and Viewer

  • Radiology Workflow Module

  • Cardiology EKG Module 

  • Speciality viewers for radiology, cardiology, mammography, pathology, orthopaedic and neurologic imaging

  • Secure image capture with SnapView

  • Text alerts with AlertView

  • eForms

  • Secure information sharing with CyptoChart

  • HL7 and URL link to EMR

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