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Provide the highest levels of service to referring hospitals and physicians with NovaPRO
Advanced features for Accuracy and Speed

NovaPRO is ergonomically designed to let you read and compare a wide variety of images with speed and accuracy, without having to move between workstations or physical location.

  • Read for different hospitals from one work list

  • All-in-one workstation to view work lists, TOMOs, ultrasounds, MRIs, MPR, PET/CT fusions and more 

  • Single-click 3D rendering

  • Built-in hanging protocols and worklists for both radiology and mammography

  • All rad functions accessible within 2 clicks 

  • Advanced image porcessing and manipulation

  • Easy and secure information sharing with referring hospitals and physicians

Automation for Maximum Efficiency

Efficiency and high productivity are key for a reading group. NovaPRO automates clinical tasks and report distribution, allowing you to complete more work, faster.

  • Auto check out of studies to reduce duplication

  • Auto review

  • Auto dictate start

  • Auto synch series 

  • Automated peer review and QA tools

  • E-signing for reports

  • Built-in modality worklist

  • Integrated dictation and voice recognition

  • Transcription tools

  • Full integration with EMRs

  • Diagnostic reports are automatically distributed upon completion
    -Distributed to an Apple mobile device via our secure app AlertView

Flexibility to Meet you Unique Needs

NovaPRO can be easily customised to meet the growing and changing needs of your organisation.

  • Unlimited licenses 

  • Customisable worklists and workflows

  • Web-deployed workstation enables you to work when and where you need to

  • Intellirouting (intelligent routing) allows you to easily move from device to device, and deployment of studies by users, workstations, facility, etc

  • Easy management and notification of hospital data sources

  • Customisable reports layout so that each hospital receives the diagnostic report in their own branding and preferred look and feel

  • Facility-based set-up and report distribution rules
    -Control levels
    -Duplicate patient IDs and Accession numbers supported
    -Reports distribution
    -Physician distribution rules by facility supported

Proven Reliability and Ease of Use

With its high standards of uptime and reliability, NovaPRO ensures dependable, consistent operations.

  • 99.99% uptime reliability

  • Easy to learn with a user friendly, Windows-based interface

  • Backed by highly rated US based support

  • Product updates and disaster recovery included

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