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NovaOrtho is Novarad's complete PACS solution for orthopedics
Create a more efficient workflow that enables you to profitably assist more patients

NovaOrtho is a complete Orthopedic PACS that gives orthopedists unique tools for specialised viewing, templating, and pre-op planning.


  • Save money - quick ROI

  • View images anytime, anywhere

  • View images on your mobile device

  • View images in patient room

  • Import CDs with one-click

  • Route images from your PACS to anywhere

  • Receive images from anywhere

  • Dictate right into the system

  • Auto transcriptions and distribution in 60 seconds

Screenshot (86).png
Key Features from PACS Integration
  • Routing

  • Receiving Images

  • Ability to launch directly from NovaPACS worklist, improving your workflow

  • Click to burn CDs or export studies to removable storage

  • Complete ortho role, giving you the features and functionality you need, allowing you to save the manage preferences

Advanced functions and features
  • Analog and digital templating

  • View images on computer and iPad

  • Pre-op planning tools and reports

  • Automatic alerts

  • Archive on-site and in the cloud

Precise measurements
  • Cobb Angle

  • Radial Angle

  • Spine Labeling

  • Radial Length

  • Ulnar Displacement

Screenshot (84).png
Screenshot (84).png
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