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ChameleonDR safely delivers the highest quality digital radiography
The best image processing solution together with the industry leading detector and the lowest radiation dose

ChameleonDR adapts to your film or CR x-ray system allowing it to install right over the top of existing components. Once installed, ChameleonDR provides HD image quality and ease of use with up to 300% dose reduction of depending on the procedure used. It's a done through remarkable acquisition technologies built into the best HD detector panel and advanced image processing available.

Complete Turnkey Solution
  • Two hours from arrival to use

  • Easy retrofit to existing Film or CR system

  • Generator, collimator, etc. all remain in use

  • Automatic Exposure Detection means the detector panel activates when hit with x-rays

  • Intuitive user workflow, quickly QC images and route to the PACS

System Includes:
  • Technologist console workstation with 4K HD touch screen

  • ChameleonDR software

  • DICOM Modality Work list

  • Store and forward to PACS

  • ChameleonDR HD Csl flat panel detectors

  • Novarad Central Command system health monitoring

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A3 = Unmatched Image Processing

A3 image post processing technology automatically runs of advanced algorithms that take into account patient size/density, procedure, and essentially operate in harmony like a sound equaliser does for your favourite high-end audio system. Thus producing the highest quality, most well balanced bone-to-tissue results a clinician could hope for. Radiology technicians will instantly recognise the amazing, sharp image quality as they appear for QC on their new 4K ultra HD touch screen workstation. What a difference a 15MP, perfectly adjusted image makes for a comfort diagnoses.

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