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Enhancing the Patient Journey through Materials Innovation


Product Benefits

  • Interlocks securely onto existing tables

  • Available with custom indexing, markings and mask hole positions for any system

  • Cushions can stay in place

  • Custom colours available on request

  • Full table size (customised shape available) with for peripherals

  • MR safe

  • Minimal thickness and high rigidity

Screenshot (605).png

Medibord’s CT Overlays (Multimodal) are manufactured from a new patent pending multimodal composite.  

The composite delivers equivalent imaging and strength properties to existing materials used in X-ray and MRI radiotherapy planning but works across all modalities. Medibord has developed a new composite called Lucide™ to specifically address radio-translucency for treatment and X-Ray imaging, low electrical conductivity for MRI and maximal homogeneity to aid automated image co-registration.


These one-piece lightweight overlays are precision engineered to securely locate and remove from the cradle or existing couch-top of your system with ease. In this way we deliver a radiotherapy planning solution which is perfect for hospitals where CT scanners are shared between Radiotherapy and Radiology Departments or where absolute positioning accuracy is needed between systems.

Physical Features

  •   Minimal visibility on CT: attenuation coefficient of 0.04mm-1 vs 0.05mm-1 for carbon fibre

  •   Minimal attenuation of radiotherapy beams: 1.2% vs 1.7% for carbon fibre at same thickness

  •   High homogeneity for megavoltage imaging



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