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Samsung HS60 

Samsung's HS60 ultrasound system has adopted this integrated solution in order to provide exquisite image quality and expert tools that enable you to focus on your specific needs.

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More Valuable Information

Samsung's advanced imaging technologies can provide new insights based on highly detailed images. This valuable information enables confident decision making.

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Image processing function that reduces the blurry quality that is characteristic of ultrasound images allowing them to be viewed more clearly.

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S-Flow™, a directional Power Doppler imaging technology, can help to detect even the peripheral blood vessels. It enables accurate diagnosis when blood flow examination is especially difficult.

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The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and creates sharper 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. ClearVision provides application-specific optimisation and advanced temporal resolution in live scan mode.

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S-Harmonic™ using pulse inversion technology improves image clarity, near to far. By reducing signal noise, S-Harmonic™ provides more uniform ultrasound images.

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The StressEcho package includes wall motion scoring and reporting. It includes exercise StressEcho, pharmacologic StressEcho, diastolic StressEcho and user-programmable StressEcho.

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A diagnostic ultrasound technique for imaging elasticity, ElastoScan™ detects the presence of solid masses in tissues and converts any stiffness into color images.

S-Detect™ for Breast

S-Detect™ for Breast helps standardize reporting and classification of suspicious breast lesions by incorporating BIRADS® ATLAS* (Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System, Atlas) into the tool. When the user selects a region of interest, S-Detect™ for Breast automatically defines the lesion boundaries, provides lexicon classification options, and images export for an enhanced and streamlined workflow.

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