Samsung HM70A 

The HM70A with Plus helps make ultrasound exams and ultrasound-guided procedures more accurate and streamlined with its image performance and efficient, easy-to-use features.

Excellent image quality

S-Vue™ transducers(CA1-7AD, CA2-9AD)

The S-Vue transducers provide broader bandwidth and higher sensitivity over conventional Samsung transducers.They enable higher resolution at depth thereby providing improved image quality even with technically challenging patients.


ClearVision eliminates unwanted speckle noise, providing excellent image clarity.

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MultiVision™ compounds many scan lines to provide remarkable spatial and contrast resolution.

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S-Flow™ is a sensitive colour Doppler that can reveal peripheral blood vessels even when blood flow detection is difficult.


NeedlePilot™ uses magnetised needle and magnetic sensors embedded in the transducer to provide onscreen color-coded graphics thatclearly identify the correct needle plane. This makes it simple to identify the correct needle trajectory to reach the target anatomy,making NeedlePilot™ useful for both In-Plane and Out-of-Plane approaches.


With pinpoint precision, NeedleMate™ delineates needle location when performing interventions such as nerve blocks. Improved accuracy and efficiency in diagnosis are possible with beam steering added to NeedleMate™.

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Panoramic imaging displays as an extended field-of-view so users can examine wide areas that do not fit into one image as a single image. Panoramic imaging also supports angular scanning from linear transducer data acquisition.

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Barcode Scanner

Patient information can be automatically transferred to ultrasound system by scanning the bar-code.

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The HM70A can be connected to the Qpath™ cloud server provided by Telexy. Users can transfer patient information and images to Qpath™ cloud server via wired/wireless LAN. The HM70A uses Q-View to access to the Qpath™ cloud server.

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EzExam+™ enables users to build or to use predefined protocols. It transforms the ultrasound investigation into a streamlined process. EzExam+™ ensures the full investigation is performed, eliminating the risk of forgetting an image or loop capture, as well as measurement and transducer preset changes.

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In 2D imaging, QuickScan™ quickly optimizes brightness levels by adjusting the gain and TGC controls. In PW pectral Doppler Mode, QuickScan™ easily optimizes the spectrum by adjusting the scale and baseline.