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Retrofit Digital Radiography

Samsung GR40 Retro-Fit

Reduce workflow steps, improve throughput and save money all at the same time. The GR40CW DR retrofit can be installed into any current x-ray room enhancing the room and allowing DR imaging.

3-step Workflow

GR40CW allows users to simplify their daily routines. With GR40CW, workflow is three times faster than with CR systems and GR40CW is the same size as film/CR cassettes, allowing you to upgrade your old equipment to DR system without unnecessary hassle. Auto Exposure Detection (AED) recognizes exposure timing automatically without a cable connection between the X-ray generator and detector, thus enabling simple installation. By reducing workflow steps, it reduces cost and time while increases productivity.


Fast Preview*

Preview and acquisition take less than 2 seconds, and full acquisition less than 7 seconds. It is easy to shoot multiple images after checking the preview image.

* Image acquisition time may vary according to the imageprocessing parameters and detectors.
* Fast preview time using AccE Detector (S4343-AW, S4335-AW, S4335-AWV)

Conventional Diagnostic Use

Manual Sititching* can capture a body part that is larger than detector's area. So, viewing a larger area of the body is more convenient by capturing multiple images**.

* Option
** Two to five images available.


Intuitive User Interface

The workstation’s intuitive interface enables users to easily operate the system. Anatomical Programmed Radiography (APR) selects the appropriate imaging method for the areas being imaged to help ensure quick examinations.

Mirror View*

Mirror View function provides secured screen sharing of GR40CW to the display device using Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™. This can help make a correct and quick decision on the x-ray image seamlessly, especially useful for the ER/OR or trauma environments, where multiple medical staff need to quickly acquire and check images in real-time. Therefore, Mirror View can reduce first aid response time and the risk of contamination in the OR room with ease of use.


* Option 
* Compatible with Windows 10 only. 
* Miracast receiver dongle is necessary. 
* The images were taken with GM85.
* When using the Mirror View, image transmitted via Miracast is not available for the purpose of diagnosis.


Low Dose in S-Vue™

S-Vue™ not only provides excellence in image quality, but also secures better patient safety in radiography examinations.

This can help change the patient’s perspectives for x-ray radiation and improve patient satisfaction.

The dose level can be reduced up to 45% dose reduction for pediatric abdomen, 15.5% for pediatric chest, and 27% for pediatric skull exams with advanced denosing algorithm.


Without the use of a physical grid, SimGrid™ improves image contrast by reducing scatter radiation effects, resulting in superior image quality.

* Optional feature requiring additional purchase

Bone Suppression*

Bone Suppression aids in the visualization of nodules by suppressing the appearance of bones within the chest image and improving the clarity of soft tissue. A companion image can easily be created with one click on the screen. This feature does not require additional exposures to the patient.

* Optional feature requiring additional purchase


Without an additional exposure to the patient, S-Enhance creates a companion image to support your diagnosis. S-Enhance improves the clarity of foreign bodies (e.g., tube, line, and/or needle) within images of the Chest, Abdomen, and L-Spine.

* Optional feature requiring additional purchase

Auto Lung Nodule Detection* **

Our first computer-aided detection solution helps boosting healthcare professionals to focus on their clinical needs. Multiple deep learning algorithms crafted for Auto Lung Nodule Detection help predict lung nodule in general chest radiography as a second reader.

Enhanced Operation

S-Share™ can dramatically increase efficiency through the use of AccE Detector with various existing compatible equipment. It enables accelerating connection for better synergy with prestige digital radiography systems.

* The S-Share of S4343-AW and S4335-AW, S4335-AWV is available only for AccE GC85A, AccE GM85, and GR40CW.

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