Samsung GR40 Retro-Fit

Reduce workflow steps, improve throughput and save money all at the same time. The GR40CW DR retrofit can be installed into any current x-ray room enhancing the room and allowing DR imaging.

Fast Preview*

Preview and acquisition take less than 2 seconds, and full acquisition less than 7 seconds. It is easy to shoot multiple images after checking the preview image.

* Image acquisition time may vary according to the image processing parameters and detectors.
* Fast preview time using AccE Detector (S4343-AW, S4335-AW, S4335-AWV)


Diagnostic Confidence

AccE Detector is a new introduction to the Samsung DR prestige line-up to accelerate connection and promote synergy between the systems. Enhanced load allowance* along with dust and water resistance allows the detector to be actively implemented in versatile environments. Its user-centric design of the detector support patient positioning and alleviate daily burdens.


* Allowed load (Point load, 4cm radius on the center) : 200 kg (441 lb)


Auto Exposure Detection (AED)

With the same size film or CR cassettes, GR40CW easily upgrades an analog or CR system to an advanced DR system, Auto Exposure Detection (AED) recognizes exposure timing automatically without a cable connection between the X-ray generator and detector, allowing easy and simple installation.

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