Samsung GC85 AccE

Premium ceiling digital radiography system AccE GC85A provides advanced low dose imaging experience and streamlining workflow saves more time to focus on improved patient care

Smart Stitching with S-Guide

Smart Stitching can increase comfort for patients who find it difficult to stand for long periods of consecutive shootings. Viewing a stitched image of a whole spine or long bone is more convenient for making accurate diagnoses. With S-Guide, patients are displayed on screen via camera view in order to simplify the stitching settings, reducing the necessity of retakes.


Shared Bucky™

Shared Bucky™ is designed for sharing multiple detector devices on one plate and can be used on a table with S4343-AW and S4335-AW. Shared Bucky™ with S4335-AW can be placed in landscape and vertical directions to capture image such as tall patients' spines or obese patients' abdomen.