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Rapid verification of breast biopsy cores at the point of care

Save time 

Biopsy specimens can be imaged and verified in seconds, at the point of care, allowing for a significantly shorter procedure.

Peace of mind

Features such as safety interlocks, self test on start-up and confirmation that images have been saved, give users added piece of mind. An integrated queue system ensures that images are not lost in the event of network failure.

Seamless workflow

The workflow supports standalone operation as well as fully integrated configuration with RIS and PACS. Patient details can be loaded directly from a DICOM modality worklist and images sent automatically to PACS for storage or review.


DICOM compliant imaging software ensures traceability to patient and a record of care.

Key Features

  • Compact and self-contained

  • Can fully resolve all features of the ACR Stereotactic Phantom

  • High Speed Imaging

  • High Resolution Imaging

  • Dicom Based Image Store

  • Connectivity to RIS and PACS

  • Barcode Reader available

CoreLite™ comes with its own dedicated PC and software.

The CoreLite system comes with a medical grade touch screen PC, Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise version, pre-loaded CoreLite application software and electronic user manuals in a wide range of languages.

Enhanced Image Quality

Resolution and enhanced image processing ensures even fine microcalcificationscan be seen.

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