VXR System

The VXR series is  digital radiography system with high-quality FPD's (flat panel detectors optimised for veterinary clinics. This high-performance DR system is deigned to provide customers with high-quality images and increased workflow at a more affordable price, with an intuitive, touch-screen control console, and convenient iser interface

 For all animals, big or small, this highly reliable, user-friendly system works with a wide range of FPDs. It will help produce high-resolution images, allowing the user to make swift, accurate diagnoses.


  • Excellent image quality produced by superior image processing algorithm with 16-bit FPD

  • Powerful, high-output X-ray generator and quality X-ray tube with small focal size

  • Imaging software with intuitive user interface with touch screen console

  • Sleek, simple design with two way or four way table top

  • Waterproof carrier for X-ray generator & buckle fasterner for holding animals 

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 11.09.17.png