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640-slice CT

uCT 960+

As an ultra-premium 640-slice CT scanner, uCT 960+ features 16 cm z-axis detector coverage, 0.25s rotation speed, an ultra-wide 82 cm bore, and a 700 lbs. table weight capacity. Using industry-leading AI-empowered technologies, it launches the era of intelligent imaging, offering precise imaging and ease of use throughout the entire clinical spectrum.


Imaging with Quality

16 cm wide Z-detector
0.5 mm detector acquisition
0.25 s rotation speed

Imaging with AI

uAI Vision
uAI CadioCapture
uAI Dose Modulation

Imaging with Care

82 cm Ultra-wide Bore
318 kg/700 lbs. Table Weight Capacity
60 kVp Capability


16 cm Z-axis Detector Coverage

16 cm Wide Z-detector, 0.5 mm Detector Acquisition in all FOVs.

TSV Technology

Through-silicon-via (TSV) Technology for ultra-low noise.

3D Anti-Scatter Grid

3D printing technology for effective scattered photon rejection.

Real 3D Full Reconstruction Technology

Cone beam artifacts mitigation associated with wide coverage systems.

0.25 s Rotation Speed

To deliver superior temporal resolution, freeze the motion in cardiac imaging, and enable 0.25 second rotation speed, we have a one-piece casted gantry structure integrated with a direct drive motor system providing precise rotation speed control.

uCT 960tianyan.png

uAI Vision – AI Empowered Scan workflow

uAI Vision provides an efficient, standardized and personalized scan workflow for each exam.

uAI Easy-Positioning

Single-click patient positioning with precise scan range locations based on the selected protocol.

uAI Easy-ISO

Image quality is optimized taking into account the patient's surface dose distribution for every exam.

uAI Cardio Capture

Using an intelligent motion correction with an AI-empowered coronary artery algorithm, we have improved the temporal resolution to 25 milliseconds.


uAI Dose Modulation

An AI-based organ recognition on the scout allows an optimal image noise setting for combined chest and abdomen scanning.

Traditional Dose Modulation

Only one target noise level resulting in under-exposingthe abdomen or over-exposing the chest.

uAI Dose Modulation

Automatic recognition of the chest and abdomen with an AI-based technology allowing a more optimal noise and optimized dose for the entire patient.


Comprehensive Clinical Solutions


Cardiovascular imaging

CardioCapture with 25 ms temporal resolution

Robust, low dose and high quality cardiac imaging within a single heart beat.

Intelligent workflow for cardiac imaging

CardioXphase and  

Fast switching for cardiovascular imaging

A mixed acquisition of ECG-gated axial scans and non-ECG-gated axial or helical imaging.

4D stroke imaging solution

An AI-based organ recognition on the scout allows an optimal image noise setting for combined chest and abdomen scanning.



With 16 cm z-coverage, a single scan covers the whole brain. The images can support the evaluation of intracerebral hemorrhage rule-out.



The arterial phase CTA images can be extracted from 4D dynamic angiographic images.

uCT 9604DdongtaiCTA.gif

4D Dynamic CTA

Acquires 4D dynamic angiographic images, auto extraction and separation of arteries and veins.

uCT 960CTguanzhu.gif


Automatically calculate CBV, CBF, TTP, MTT, and Tmax for functional evaluation with more confidence.



Dual-Energy Scans

Quantitative and functional measurement with the ability for every scan to be spectral.

Stationary Perfusion Scans

Whole organ perfusion without table motion.

Dynamic Perfusion Scans with up to 40 cm z-coverage

Dynamic perfusion scans with large z-coverage (up to 40 cm) using a variable pitch helix.

First-class experience

An AI-based organ recognition on the scout allows an optimal image noise setting for combined chest and abdomen scanning.

Low Dose Technology

60 kVp scans reduce radiation dose while maintaining image quality especially for smaller adults and pediatric patients.

High patient throughput

A powerful platform and AI-empowered workflow, a large daily throughput while maintaining high image quality.

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