Willows Veterinary teams up with Samsung

Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service in Solihull, part of the Linnaeus Group, chose the Samsung RS85 as their Ultrasound equipment, with a further four going into additional sites. After trialing two machines, the staff made a unanimous decision to go with the RS85, based on the software and functionality.

The RS85, Samsung’s premium ultrasound system, is built with exquisite image quality and expert tools that allow the professionals at Willow’s to make faster and more confident decisions. The image enhancing and artifact suppressing technologies, together with the S-Vue transducers, provide clear detailed imaging. Andrew Parry, Head of Imaging, said: “The RS85 has allowed us to be extra confident in diagnosing, especially small intestinal and bowl regions.”

Samsung’s exclusive UK Partner, MIS Healthcare, supported the whole installation and training process to ensure that the whole radiology department could utilise all the benefits from the RS85. The team noted that the ongoing support they have received has been faultless.