The Samsung HS40 improves patient care and saves time for Brierley Hill Health & Social Care Centre

Left to Right: Alison Knowles (Nurse), Debbie Pritchard (Lead Nurse), Dr Omi (Consultant), Tim Fradd (Account Manager) and Charlotte Bamforth ( Clinical Applications Specialist)

Brierley Hill Health & Social Care Centre, part of the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, wanted to provide the best possible care for local patients so has purchased the Samsung HS40 Ultrasound system, installed by MIS Healthcare. One of the challenges the clinic faced was diverting patients off site, which resulted in longer wait times. The HS40 will be utilised to locate missing coil threads with the TV probe and also deep arm contraception implants with the higher frequency linear probe on an average of up to 6 times a day. Previously, missing threads were referred to the imaging department at Russell Hall Hospital with a 6-8 week delay but can now be performed the same day and on site. The HS40’s design was inspired by users’ ideas and suggestions during development. Every detail, such as the fully articulating monitor arm to the operating panel that can be easily adjusted to different heights, has been created to make the environment more comfortable for patients.