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Samsung's GC85 was successfully installed at The Royal Sussex County Hospital

The Royal Sussex County Hospital with Samsung's GC85, which was successfully installed during the pandemic. The advanced features of the GC85 will allow a much higher throughput of patients and streamline workflow.

Alex Catlow, Superintendent Radiographer, said: “We are really pleased that we've been able to successfully complete this project whilst in the middle of a global pandemic. The new technology has been so vital and will continue to shape our patients' journeys through our hospital. We have not only received a new GC85 Samsung room but also a fleet of GM85 mobile x-ray machines. The S-Share technology allows us to detector share, which will no doubt come in very handy.”

The user platform is intuitive, and you can tell the machine has been made to make the radiographers life easier, which our team is very thankful for. The auto positioning will certainly save our radiographers time, which we can spend helping and attending to our patients instead. The MIS team have been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to the replacement of further rooms in our trust, joining the Samsung cohort”

S-Share™ can dramatically increase efficiency through the use of AccE Detector with various existing compatible equipment. It enables accelerating connection for better synergy with premium digital radiography systems.


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