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Northwick Park Hospital has its 4th Samsung Digital X-Ray Room installed

Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, has installed its fourth Samsung GC85 Digital X-ray room, from MIS Healthcare, adding to their existing three Samsung rooms and an additional two in community sites. The department of radiology purchased the first XGEO GC80 DR system outside of South Korea back in June 2012. Since then the team at Northwick Park have stayed loyal to Samsung, with also purchasing the ultrasound equipment.

The GC85, a premium ceiling digital radiography system includes features such as S-Align™, which provides precise alignment for superior imaging and efficiency, this reduces the retakes for chest x-rays and improves the workflow at Northwick Park. Additionally, the GC85’s motorised wall stand allows you to easily move it to various positions with no need for a table, decreasing the risk of RSI and increasing productivity between patients.

The team are happy with the GC85 and the ongoing support they receive from MIS Healthcare, Rohan noted, “Samsung have very easy to learn software, it’s very intuitive. The GC85 makes a busy day run smoothly.”


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