Papaya 3D Premium

Advanced technology dental X-ray Imaging System

Low Dose

Smart Positioning

Model Scan

23X24 CBCT

Fast Scan

One-shot Ceph

0.075 Voxel

Free FOV

Various Scan Modes

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 11.57.21.png

FOVs of various sizes/resolutions
Take optimised images with minimal radiation exposure.

Large FOV CT *

Large-area CT sensor
provides a wide FOV of
23cmx14cm & 23cmx24cm


Fast Scan


7.7 secs fast exposure time minimises motion
artifact for accurate and clear images, while low
radiation exposure minimizes patient exposure.


*In case of CT TOOTH, TEETH scan mode

Easy Access


Open-and-closed Chinrest system
provides the user's mobility convenience
with reducing patient path and making
the X-ray room space more efficient.



With ONE-SHOT scan, minimise MOTION
ARTIFACT and take high-resolution images.

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