MRI Fusion

Why MRI-Fusion?

BioJet is a flexible, advanced navigation platform that enables accurate targeting of suspicious lesions by combining MRI and real-time ultrasound. It is a far more effective alternative to standard ultrasound guided prostate biopsies or even template based cognitive biopsies, which, in fact, have numerous limitations. BioJet is a true real-time system – fast and easy to use. No re-contouring of the ultrasound images required to fuse the two image-series. Elastic corrections are possible but mostly not required – do it right in the first place!

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Biojet Fusion in Action

Contour Prostate & ROIs - Use T2 transverse MR images to contour the prostate. In a second step make the ROIs which could be lesions or other suspicious areas

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 14.27.28.png

Real time Fusion Biopsy - To fuse MR with TRUS in real time move the MR contour of the prostate in live ultrasound. This is done in both transverse and sagittal image planes. Harvest biopsies transrectally or transperineally. A 3D model of the prostate helps to visualist the positions of the ROIs.

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3D Documentation - The biopsies are documented automatically and they are displayed in a real-time 3D model. A detailed biopsy report can be generated, this report includes all the important information on the ROIs and biopsy positions. This report is fully customisable.

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