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Fit your Needs


Focus on the Core of "Mobile" Radiography

Experience higher Productivity and performance with GM85 Fit designed to fit your workflow, diagnosis and cre.

Powerful Battery Performance

As the procedure volume of mobile x-ray increases to deal with a large number of patient volume, Samsung is focusing more on efficient mobile DR imaging based on its accumulated battery technology. The upgraded lithium-ion battery offers 54% longer operating time² than conventional GM85 on a single charge.

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 14.36.15.png
Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 14.36.21.png


At the moment you start working, GM85 Fit increases your work efficiency with the fast speed of booting up the system.

Quick Driving allows radiologists to move GM85 fit right away without waiting for the system to be fully ready.


Users can easily log in to the system through embedded RFID badge tag. It is a built in type in the equipment, so it reduces external interference.


Additional Patient Information is useful when checking the list of patients requiring x-ray imaging. It intuitively shows infection and fall risk information and orders comments that support correct action for each patient. This helps keep patients and staff safe by responding to possible risks and taking preemptive measures. Ultra-light AccE GM85 allows easy maneuvering both in and out of elevators without worrying about the weight limit.


When checking the patient’s identity after arriving at the room, wireless barcode scanner allows you to freely approach the patient and scan information without being restricted by obstacles that may be near you and patient. With wireless hand switch which supports up to 10 m (33 ft) range, users can take images from far away to reduce radiation exposure


Prior Exam Review

Since the role of mobile DR equipment is usually to use follow-up exams, it is important to perform x-ray exams under the same conditions. Prior Exam Review function displays previous images and exposure parameters of the patient being examined. With a quick comparison, users can improve image consistency and reduce retakes.



In portable exams, radiologic technologists rotate images after the acquisition as the image orientation depends on the exam environment. Image Auto rotation detects the rotation angle of the chest/abdomen/pelvis/infantogram image and automatically rotates in the correct direction. The auto-run option of advanced applications creates the companion image without additional settings or x-ray exposure. In the ER/OR or Trauma environments, multiple staff may often need to quickly acquire and check images in real-time. Mirror View² provides secured screen sharing using Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™. This allows staff to check images together on a separate screen, reducing the time to first aid and the risk of contamination. Through QuickLink, you can check whether the acquired images uploaded well.

¹EasyClean, which locks the screen for a while,
helps you clean the system quickly control infection effectively.

²When using the Mirror view, image transmitted via Miracast is not available for the purpose of diagnosis.


S-Align™ displays the detector’s angle to the THU for precise alignment and enhances the quality of imaging. 
With S-Align™ Info. to DICOM* feature, the tube/detector angle information is inserted into the DICOM personal tag and added as annotations. 

* Optional feature requiring additional purchase  
* DICOM Tag : (0033, 1034)
* This feature is only for S4335-AW, S4343-AW


Water resistant detector for easy cleaning


Detector rest for easy bagging


On-Device CAD*

Samsung’s new On-Device CAD solution with VUNO Med®-Chest X-ray™ assists you to diagnose more efficiently and accurately by automatically detecting the 5 most common thoracic findings in emergency care.

* Optional feature requiring additional purchase


With just a click, SimGrid™ allows you to provide better patient care with higher satisfaction and reduced retake rates without the use of a portable grid. It improves image contrast by reducing scatter radiation effects and creates better image quality.


* Optional feature requiring additional purchase


Without an additional exposure to the patient, S-Enhance creates a companion image to support your diagnosis. S-Enhance improves the clarity of foreign bodies (e.g., tube, line, and/or needle) within images of the Chest, Abdomen, and L-Spine.

* Optional feature requiring additional purchase

Bone Suppression*

Without additional setting or exposure, Bone Suppression Imaging improves the clarity of soft tissues by suppressing the appearance of bones in chest images, which improves your ability to detect nodules. You can easily create the companion image with just a click on the screen.

* Optional feature requiring additional purchase


Up to 45% Dose reduction for very young patients

Low Dose in S-Vue™

S-Vue™ not only provides excellence in image quality, but also secures better patient safety in radiography examinations. This can help change the patient’s perspectives for x-ray radiation and improve patient satisfaction. The dose level can be reduced up to 45% dose reduction for pediatric abdomen, 15.5% for pediatric chest, and 27% for pediatric skull exams with advanced denosing algorithm.

Gm85 FIT Paeds.png
Quiet Operation for Care

The noise level is reduced by 9dB 
compared to the conventional GM85 in stand-by mode. AccE GM85 allows low noise operations that do not disturb other patients. With night mode on, the screen color, temperature, and sound volume are accordingly adjusted. It will be a necessary function for taking x-ray exams in a quiet environment such as NICU. Its quick exposure feature is useful for pediatric patients who are not easy to maintain stationary posture.


6 stages Pediatric Exposure Management

Optimized 6-stage weight dependent imaging enables pediatric patients to avoid unnecessary x-ray exposure using precise dose management, resulting in superior image quality. Users who need detailed control can apply 3 types of additional filters. (0.1/0.2/0.3 mm Cu)

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