Fixed CT


  • Cutting-edge "NeuAI* De-noising" technology enables high-resolution imaging with sharp detail, low noise and substantially reducing dose.

  • CARE60 (ClearView Advanced & AI* Reconstruction Engine) provide ultra-low dose solution for challenging paediatric imaging.

  • The 16cm Pano-spherical detector and 0.259s rotation speed enables one-beat, free breathing cardiac images for difficult patients.
    Whole organ perfusion coverage enhances clinical outcomes.

  • "NeuAI* Positions" allows customisable scanning for each patient, simplifying workflow and reducing unnecessary radiation dose.

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NeuViz Glory is designed to refresh the limitation of your imagination for a high-end CT scanner. Which delivers simple procedures for technicians and radiologists, assists them to provide better care for patients os all ages and makes more accurate diagnoses for as many diseases as possible.


  • Advanced AI software can assist the clinician with easier workflow.

  • One-beat cardiac imaging provides superior diagnostic capability.

  • Large set of advanced applications increase clinical utility. 

  • Advanced spectral imaging capability with increased detector coverage.

  • Complete compliment of low dose imaging tools, including our unique 60kV imaging.

*Advanced AI software are available in AVW workstation.


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NeuViz 64


NeuViz 64 in transplants from high-end CT, share the core technologies with NeuViz 128. It brings more comfortable application experience. Higher quality images and lower dose to customers.


  • Confidently diagnosis all types of cardiac disease patients with our robust cardiac imaging capabilities.

  • Reduce scan time and improve throughput with Quad Sampling technology.

  • Acquire diagnostic quality images at low patient dose with O-Dose optimised hardware and Clearview iterative reconstruction.

  • Carefully crafted design features improve ergonomics for technicians.

  • A fresh scanner design offers a more pleasant patient experience.

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