External Beam Radiotherapy

The Patient Immobilisation Systems from Orfit Industries are an active component in achieving a high quality radiation therapy.

The unique features of our thermoplastic materials, in combination with the head rests with cranial stop and our L-profiles that fix the masks in the High Precision Hardware give you the possibility of choosing the most suitable mask for your patient and for the type of treatment that you have planned.



Thanks to a unique combination of advanced materials and innovative production methods, the Orfit system has achieved three critical goals for improving the quality of radiation therapy treatment:

  1. Precision/Accuracy – limit patient movement;

  2. Reproducibility – reduce daily shifts;

  3. Patient comfort – increase acceptance.

An extensive range of Orfit masks is available to meet specific patient requirements and your immobilisation preferences.

> Chin only
> Head only
> Head and neck (with neck flap)
> Head, neck and shoulders
> Head, neck and shoulders with cranial flap
> Hybrid masks of all types for significantly increased precision of the immobilisation and for use with large patients
> Open Face Hybrid masks

> Paediatric masks – All configurations for head, neck and shoulders.

All Orfit head, neck and shoulders immobilization masks are available with various combinations of prepunched cutouts for ease of use.

> Nose only
> Nose and mouth
> Nose, eyes, mouth

All Orfit masks have an antibacterial, non-stick coating.



Orfit Thermoplastic Masks are specifically designed to fit your patient’s needs and offer a highly precise and reproducible immobilisation.  Engineering and production capabilities with proprietary thermoplastic formulations result in the best mask materials available. Stretch and shrinkage properties are always the same and assure a reliable mask moulding technique, resulting in a perfect fit around the patient’s anatomy, a high degree of patient comfort and a trouble-free and efficient workflow.

Orfit has an extensive range of masks, from Head and Neck to Extremities, you will be sure to find an option that meets your specific patient requirements and immobilisation preferences.

Brain, Head & Neck - High Precision/Proton Therapy/Pushpin/Duon

Head, Neck & Shoulders - High Precision/Proton Therapy/Pushpin/Duon/Uon

Breast & Lung/Pelvic/Extremities



Orfit's wide variety of useful accessories contains everything that you might need when immobilising and positioning patients with their systems. Access all accessories below.

Fixation Device/Heating Device/Cleaning

Vacuum Bags/Repair Kits

Comfort Cushions/Storage Solutions/Bolus Materials/Bite Blocks/Moldcare/Paediatrics

Vacuum Dry-heat convection oven – UK plugags/Repair Kits

Screenshot (263).png

The Orfit Dry Oven is designed to activate thermoplastic masks.

The Dry Oven uses a highly accurate electronic (Digital) PID temperature controller. The PID controller incorporates set point and process temperature displays. Insulation assures that heat is not wasted and reheating subsequent cycles is fast and efficient.

The drawer incorporates a non-stick support rack sized to accept head, neck and shoulder masks.
The Dry Oven is ready for use within a few minutes of starting the heating cycle.


Voltage: 230V

Plug: UK standard

Internal dimensions: 24.7” (62.8 cm) x 21” (53.3 cm) x 3.75” (9.5 cm)

Vertical clearance: 4” (10 cm)

External dimensions: 31.8” (80.6 cm) x 24” (61 cm) x 11” (28 cm)

LARGE WATER BATH – 35097/115/1400

Large waterbath with digital display with timer and thermometer

Voltage: 115V

Plug: US standard

Inner dimensions: 54,5 cm x 74 cm

Filling capacity: 26 l

Extra: Not available in North-America