Digital Radiography Rooms

The game changer. GC85 powered by AccE provides excellent image quality, and enhanced worflow with sophisticated AI technology and next generation movement controls to further enhance the user experience.
GF55 is the essential Digital Radiography system that offers performance, accuracy and efficiency. Auto tracking reduces diagnostic time, so more patients can be served. S-Detector and S-Vue deliver high image quality for more precise diagnoses.
GU60A increases productivity with an ergonomic design that allows higher patient throughput. The system improves image quality with innovative S-detector, S-Vue and Rotation-type Smart Stitching features. GU60A also supports efficient operation with Auto Positioning and Positioning Help.
GR40CW is designed for easy upgradability to a digital radiography (DR) system. With enhanced and efficient workflow, GR40CW provides higher throughput, enabling a greater number of patients to be served. The system’s excellent images help ensure diagnostic accuracy for high quality patient care.
The compatibility has been verified, allowing both system to be operated conveniently at one screen. Additionally, Imaging Solution can set up the exposure condition according to Hospital Information System. Experience Samsung’s imaging technologies with S-Vue™, Samsung detectors and advanced applications at an affordable price by choosing the right system that fit your needs.