Three AccuCARE accessories used in transperineal procedures combined into one convenient kit. Within the AccuCARE accessories kit are sterile grids, polyethylene equipment drapes, endocavity balloons and sterile gel packets, providing cost savings and organizational effectiveness for increased efficiency.

AccuCARE Accessories Kits

Endocavity Balloon

The endocavity balloon or standoff covers the endorectal ultrasound transducer during transrectal procedures, enabling ultrasound scanning. Inflating and deflating the balloon with saline during transrectal scanning assists with positioning the prostate. Use of an endocavity balloon to cover the ultrasound transducer during template-guided transperineal biopsy enables access to the peripheral zone at the level of the prostate base.


The endocavity balloon is not made with natural rubber latex.

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For use with AccuCARE™ Positioning and Stabilising Equipment. Only CIVCO template grids are validated for use with CIVCO stepping equipment.

For use during procedures such as:

  • Brachytherapy

  • Cryotherapy

  • Fiducial marker placement

  • Mapping biopsy

  • Saturation biopsy

  • Targeted biopsy

  • Volume studies

  • Other template-guided procedures


Template grids consist of rows and columns of holes spaced 5mm apart, providing accurate placement of radioactive seeds in predefined areas of the prostate. The single-use grid is sold sterile and provides a cost-effective solution. The disposable option eliminates the need for messy, labor-intensive cleaning, soaking, and re-sterilisation while reducing the risk of bio-burden or residual chemical contamination. The grids accept 14, 17, and 18 GA Needles.

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